Sleep Deprivation HALF PRICE!!

Sleep Deprivation 50% only in selected Cerebral cortexes!!



I wonder if because I screwed up my sleep cycles for the 2 months of Poly I am more susceptible to the effects of sleep dep?


Is that really tiny writing on the desk right There?  Lemme have a REAL CLOSE LOOK!



Mr Whippy came yesterday, but it wasn't REAL Mr Whippy. It was like McDonald's icecream with extra vanilla flavouring. 

Also feeling a little better! Still need to go back to the gym and lift ALL THE THINGS!

Also I need to eat more vegetables.... Maybe I could combine both those things in some way...


Pumpin' Brows

Feeling better after a nice few doses of Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride!
Back to the gym this morning. 
My eyebrows did most of the work. 

Hopefully this 2 hour foray into 'health' will continue. 

Only time will tell. Or Stephen, he tells people EVERYTHING. OVERSHARE MUCH?



  • Super sleepy. Must be because I'm adapting again.
  • If this doesn't let up I'm going to have to add more sleep to my core or something. 
  • This Polyphasic thing is very complicated.
  • Hopefully my naps start reducing this sleep inertia and sleep debt.
  • I must mould this sleep debt into my schedule. 
  • Stick to the schedule!
  • YOu CAN DO iT!
  • Cartoon: