So here we are. Day Five. Well.... it's actually day one thousand nine hundred and one.


Let me tell you a story. 

There once was a small bird named Jimmy, who delighted in feasting up on many worms down by the small lake near the tree that he lived in. Every day he flew down from his nest high in the top most branches of the tree landing on the soft wet mud. 

This one particular day Jimmy was squelching around the sodden earth picking out the small worms. He found a very large very juicy worm and ate it up immediately. It was extremely satisfying and filled his little avian tummy to the brim. Jimmy decided to fly back to his nest for a nap, but he found he couldn't fly for he was too heavy! It seems that last juicy worm had made his belly too unwieldy to take off.

Thinking quickly and not wanting to take a nap in the mud Jimmy decided he would walk. He waddled over to the wide round trunk of his tree. As he walked his little birdie feet become covered even more in sticky mud. He stopped at the base of the tree. He looked at his feet. He looked at the tree. He then stuck one of his mud laden feet on the smooth bark and promptly started to walk straight up the side of the tree all the way to the top branches.

Ignoring this blatant disregard for the laws of physics, Jimmy gently scraped the remaining mud from his toes and sat down in his cosy nest. He had the most deep relaxing nap he had had in days.

The end.