Day 01. The beginning... not really.

Ok So just a short post to begin this insane experience we call life. 

I have been doing it for about 33 years so far, but I'm starting POLYPHASIC sleeping again! Cass my most amazing and beautiful wife ever, has suggested that I start Polyphasic sleeping again TONIGHT! YAY!
Also it's the start of my blog! So Welcome! I wonder if anyone will read this. I was thinking in the past that I should look at this blog as a kind of conversation between all the different selves that I am. Like Past Simon and future simon. 

HI FUTURE SIMON. I hope you're still going strong and not suffering too much sleep dep. 

(Rivation is too long to type so it seems. )

I will also try to write down those things I think of when I'm not at my computer. Oh! AND continue the saga of Twisty Branches P.I. 

Maybe we should call her Twisty Branches 3.14159 .... maybe that's a silly joke.

Let us instead end with a small illustration.


PS My quiet keyboard has arrived and I am using it write now. Can you hear it? ... No? SEE!? It's so quiet.

Blood Ketone levels 1.1