Learning to appreciate

So it just occurred to me that I needed to write this down. I am currently listening to / half watching the GDC talk by Mick Gordon on the music of DOOM. Now, DOOM isn't my cup of tea, the video game, music or otherwise. But the way that the music is explained by Mick and seeing his enthusiasm for it and seeing the build up of how the audio was generated, when it came to listening to the actual final Game Music I was struck by how much more amazing the music seemed. 

This seems to also be the same for other types of music. Like in a round song. One person starts to sing, then you hear the next person start and then you hear a mixture of all the pieces fitting together. This slow build up of little pieces into the whole, makes it much more satisfying and intriguing. 

I think this must be true of other mediums too, like learning how old paintings were made. How the artist had to mix the paints etc. This idea is unlike the "how the sausage is made" idea, where if you see the component parts, you come to dislike the final output.  

Here's a link to the awesome talk my Mick Gordon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4FNBMZsqrY