The first Awakening

Ah! So here we are. I have gotten up at 1.30am been to the gym, did the Wim Hoffian lung dance bonanza and also meditated for 20mins on the nature of my thoughts. No real first awakenings there, however I did notice I was lost in thought for a good solid couple of minutes in there!

My internal voice is yelling, "IT'S THREE AM SIMON WHAT THE F*%&?!"... Well it's less of a yelling and more of an exasperated whisper, so that's good. 

So I'm not feeling the sleep deprivation yet, so I'm looking forward to that. I'm also looking forward to my nap. I'm hoping to see some interesting change in my writing as the sleep deprivation slowly hinders my mind and it's faculty for clarity. Although I'm not sure the baseline is very clear, maybe I should get a better pen to draw the baseline.....I wonder if the analogies will get stranger....We shall see...... see like the eyes of a monkey in a research lab fed only on cocaine pills!

Also, by the way, this keyboard is much more pleasant than my old one. It's a pleasure to type on at 3.10am, it's less like a tap dancing chicken and more like a bunch of soft bodied bugs doing a 1950s rock and roll dance recital.

Now I must go and keep myself awake for a further one hour and 49 minutes! ONWARD TO WAKEFULLNESS UNTIL NAPTIME.